Electric Protection - (General)

In principle, all electric plant, machinery and other work equipment (i.e. cable reels) must be installed, maintained and tested by specialists in accordance with the valid regulations of the Austrian Electro-technical Association. Despite all these precautions accidents occur time and again due to defective electric devices and faulty installations as well as negligence or sloppiness. Some rules that should be observed when dealing with electricity are described below:
  1. Every electric (manual) tool must be inspected visually before use
  2. Switch cabinets must be kept free from deposits (dust, dirt) because of potential fire hazards
  3. Electric motors must be kept free from deposits, as these could result in heat accumulation, insulating faults and potential risk of fire
  4. The maximum permissible voltages of cable reels must be observed, the thermal protection element must in no circumstance be bridged
  5. The allowable voltages of lighting fixtures must be complied with as exceeding these could lead to short circuits, faulty insulation or fire hazards
  6. Faulty insulation must be repaired by a specialist, wrapping with insulating tape is not a solution!

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