First Aid Personnel (First Aiders)

The number of first aiders depends on a company’s headcount, but a distinction is made between “normal” workplaces and those with a low risk of accidents (office or office-type work).
“Normal” workplaces: 1 – 19 employees = one first aider, 20 – 29 employees = 2 first aiders, 30 – 39 employees =3 first aiders, and 10 more employees = 1 more first aider.
Office or office-type workplaces: 1 – 29 employees = one first aider, 30 – 49 employees = 2 first aiders, 50 – 69 employees = 3 first aiders, and 20 more employees = one first aider.
In order to qualify as a first aider, the person must have verifiably undergone training of at least 16 hours in accordance with the syllabi worked out by the Red Cross or another equivalent training (i.e. the mandatory military service, but courses for obtaining a driver’s licence are not recognized as adequate training for first aiders). Refresher courses must be attended either every four years (8 hours) or every two years (4 hours). Until January 1, 2015 persons who have received a minimum of six hours instruction in life-saving emergency measures (within the meaning of the Implementing Order relating to Drivers’ Licences Act) qualify as first aiders for workplaces and construction sites where 1 to 4 employees are working. Persons whose driver’s licence is not older than 12 years are deemed to meet this requirement. From January 1, 2015 onwards, attendance of a refresher course either every four years (8 hours) or every two years (4 hours) is mandatory. It must be assured by means of organizational measures that during working hours a sufficient number of first aiders are always present.