Limit Value Regulation (GKV)

The Limit Value Regulation ( Grenzwerteverordnung, GKV) covering Part Four of the Labour Protection Act deals with the maximum permissible values for work substances and carcinogenic substances.
The Regulation consists of four parts and four annexes:
  1. Part One: Limit Values (Maximum Allowable Concentration Values, TR Values, Assessment Period, Evaluation of Mixtures, Information)
  2. Part Two: Carcinogenic Work Substances (Classification, Bans, Reporting Duties, Protective Clothing, Prohibition of Recirculating Air Systems)
  3. Part Three: Special Provisions Governing Wood Dust (Extraction, Purification, Prohibition of Recirculating Air Systems)
  4. Part Four: Special Provisions Governing Asbestos
  5. Part Five: Measurements
  6. Part Six: Transitional and Final Clauses

Annex One: List of Substances – MAC and TAC values
Annex Two: Repealed
Annex Three: List of Carcinogenic Work Substances
Annex Four: List of Machinery Producing Wood Dust (Limit Value: 5 mg/m³)
Annex Five: List of Hardwood Species