Regulation relating to Electric Protection

This Regulation governs the operation and inspection of electrical plant and electric operating equipment, especially with regard to the following areas:
  • General requirements regarding electrical plant and operating equipment, as set forth, in particular, by the binding regulations of the Austrian Electro-technical Association (ÖVE EN 5011-1 and 2; ÖVE E, Part Nine; ÖVE/ÖNORM D 8555, ÖVE/ÖNORM E 8001; ÖVE ÖNORM E 8383; ÖVE EN 1)
  • Regular inspection and inspection intervals for electrical plant ranging from annual inspections (i.e. for construction work) to inspections once every ten years (i.e. for installations exclusively supporting office work)
  • Special regulations for low and high voltage installations
  • Overhead electric lines and lightning protection systems