Regulation relating to Workplaces

Alongside the Regulation relating to the Protection of Construction Workers (Bauarbeiterschutzverordnung, BauV), the Regulation relating to Workplaces (Arbeitsst├Ątten-verordnung, ASt-VO) constitutes the second major regulation relating to Part Two of the Labour Protection Act (ArbeitnehmerInnenschutzgesetz, ASchG). It primarily sets forth requirements for the structural design of workplaces. The Regulation is subdivided into seven parts:
  1. Part One: General Provisions (i.e. storage areas, exits, stairs, etc.);
  2. Part Two: Safeguarding Evacuation (escape routes, escape areas, emergency exits);
  3. Part Three: Requirements for Workrooms (i.e. ceiling height, ventilation, air conditioning, etc.);
  4. Part Four: Sanitary Facilities and Social Amenities;
  5. Part Five: First Aid and Fire Protection;
  6. Part Six: Buildings on Building Sites;
  7. Part Seven: Transitional Provisions and Final Provisions