Safety Data Sheet

Every manufacturer, importer or distributor of a hazardous substance or preparation has the obligation under the Chemicals Act (Chemikaliengesetz), to provide a safety data sheet, free of charge, to the buyer as soon as he first delivers such substance or preparation.
The safety data sheet must contain the following information:
  • Designation of substance or preparation as well as the company name of the manufacturer;
  • Composition of the substance or preparation, indication of ingredients;
  • A description of potential hazards and first-aid measures (as well as R statements and S statements); * Fire-fighting measures;
  • Action to be taken in the event of an inadvertent release of the substance;
  • Handling, storage and transport (see also: packaging of work substances);
  • Exposure limits and personal protective equipment;
  • Physical and chemical properties (minimum ignition energy, see boiling point, melting point, flashpoint, vapour pressure, relative density, etc.);
  • Stability and reactivity;
  • Toxicological data;
  • Ecological data (i.e. persistence and decomposition characteristics);
  • Information on proper disposal;
  • Other information relating to proper use and service points;

Every distributor has the obligation to (automatically and unsolicitedly) hand over to his clients an updated and complete safety data sheet! the staff members concerned have to be familiar with the pertinent contents of the safety data sheet.