Storage (General Aspects)

Depending on the volume, type of load and storage method (on shelves, in containers, etc.) different aspects have to be taken into account. Some basic rules should, however, be observed:
  • Stability, suitability and carrying capacity of the floor and the storage facility have to be ensured and, if need be, statistically proven.
  • On shelves and similar facilities, the load carrying capacity has to be indicated.
  • Shelves must be secured against tilting, if necessary, the shelf has to be screwed to the wall or the floor.
  • The centre of gravity of the entire load should be kept low, which means that heavy products should be stored on lower shelves.
  • Slipping, falling, rolling or tilting of loads are to be avoided through storage in mesh pallets or containers, using strips or securing loads by means of wooden wedges or ropes.
  • Bulk goods are to be stored in containers, otherwise gradients have to be considered.
  • Storage facilities are to be checked regularly for damage, if forkift trucks are used, collision guards or falling objects protection structures (FOPS) should be provided.

See also: Prohibited Storage Areas.