Storage (of Hazardous Substances)

A series of conditions have to be satisfied if liquids or gases, combustible, explosive, toxic or other hazardous work substances are to be stored or if other influences are at work. A number of aspect that have to be considered are listed below:
  • Information and references contained in the Safety Data Sheets are to be considered.
  • Products that could give rise to hazardous chemical reactions with each other have to be stored separately.
  • A storage room (that can be locked) is to be provided, restricted access is to be assured.
  • The floor in the storage room must have a dense and smooth surface, a collecting basin should be provided.
  • Adequate (natural) ventilation is to be ensured.
  • Installation of a fire alarm system and suitable fire-fighting equipment in the storage area.
  • First aid materials in the storage area.
  • Personal protective equipment (i.e. fire-proof gloves) in the storage area.

See also: Storage (General Aspects) and Prohibited Storage Areas.