The Labour Protection Act – Structure

The Labour Protection Act (ArbeitnehmerInnenschutzgesetz, ASchG) constitutes the basis for the protection of workers in the performance of their work. It encompasses ten subject-related parts:
  • Sections 1 to 18: General Provisions;
  • Sections 19 to 32: Workplaces and Construction Sites;
  • Sections 33 to 39: Work Equipment;
  • Sections 40 to 48: Substances;
  • Sections 49 to 59: In-Company Health Monitoring;
  • Sections 60 to 72: Work Procedures and Workstations;
  • Sections 73 to 90: Prevention Experts;
  • Sections 91 to 101: Authorities and Procedures;
  • Sections 102 to 127: Transitional Provisions, Repealing of Legal Provisions
  • Sections 128 to 132: Final Clauses;

At present, approximately 30 implementing regulations exist under the Labour Protection Act. Central regulations are, for example, the Regulation relating to Work Materials (Arbeitsmittelverordnung, AM-VO), the Regulation relating to Workplaces (Arbeitsstättenverordnung, AStV), the Regulation relating to the Protection of Construction Workers (Bauarbeiterschutzverordnung, BauV), and the Regulation relating to Limit Values (Grenzwerteverordnung, GKV) of 2007. On the last pages of this brochure you will find a list of all Regulations appurtenant to the Labour Protection Act.