Use of Work Equipment

The following basic rules apply to the use of work equipment (i.e. machines):
  • prior to use, workers have to check machines for obvious defects (visual inspection);
  • machines have to be used in accordance with their intended purpose and the manufacturer’s instructions, in particular, following operating instructions;
  • all required safety and protective devices must be (properly) used;
  • damaged work equipment is not to be used. It either has to be repaired or removed from the premises;

Alongside the general rules for using work equipment, laid down in the Labour Protection Act(ArbeitnehmerInnenschutzgesetz, ASchG), and in Section 15 of the Work Equipment Regulation (Arbeitsmittelverordnung, AM-VO), Part Two contains specific provisions governing certain types of work equipment. Without any exception, all equipment must be used in accordance with the manufacturers’ operating instructions.