Appointment of Safety Representatives

When a company has a headcount of 11 or more persons, a safety representative has to be appointed; as of a headcount of 51 or more, two safety representatives, and as of 101 or more (up to 300 employees) three safety representatives.

  • 11 or more employees = one safety representative;
  • 51 or more employees = two safety representatives;
  • 101 or more employees = three safety representatives;

When a company operates in several locations, the number of safety representatives depends on the location for which employee representative bodies were elected.
  • 3 workplaces (with 30 employees each) and a (joint) shop steward = two safety engineers;
  • 3 workplaces (with 50 employees each) and three shop stewards = three safety representatives; If the company operates “three locations” with 30 employees each and has a joint shop steward, two safety representatives are required. If a shop steward is present at each workplace, three safety representatives must be appointed.