Elevated Workstations

The following measures have to be taken if workers run the risk of falling from raised sites:
  • Stable railings with a central bar or parapet must be installed at sites with a falling height of 1 m (if the falling height is 2 m or more, kick plates or strips have to be provided to prevent feet from slipping off).
  • Appropriate climbing aids, such as ladders, working platforms or elevated work platforms must be used when work is temporarily done on elevated workstations.
  • The free edges of ramps must be secured by means of black/yellow or red/white markings.
  • If objects may fall from elevated workstations, protective roofs or safety nets have to be provided. It must be ensured that no objects can fall through grids or gratings.
  • If no adequate protection can be assured by means of fall protection devices, personal protective equipment has to be made available in order to protect workers against falling.