Explosive Atmospheres; VEXAT Regulation

The Regulation relating to Explosive Atmospheres (Verordnung explosionsfähige Atmosphären, VEXAT) governs the use of explosive work substances and the avoidance of explosive atmospheres at workplaces, construction sites and remote workplaces. The Regulation contains, in particular, the following precautionary measures:
  • The obligation to evaluate and document (Explosion Protection Document) explosion hazards and, if necessary, to conduct a risk analysis;
  • Provision of information and instructions to workers and work clearance;
  • Performing the required checks and measurements as well as hazard prevention;
  • Taking primary, secondary and tertiary explosion protection measures, especially with regard to the construction design of explosion risk zones, avoidance of ignition sources and determining hazard zones;
  • Meeting the requirements applying to electric plant, equipment and appliances in explosion risk zones;
  • Safeguarding containers and similar operating equipment;
  • Underground works as well as drilling and processing work