External Assessment Experts

It makes sense to enlist the services of external evaluation experts when introducing new systems, or considering the legal basis and carrying out risk assessments at work (inspections). All–inclusive packages are not recommended as risk assessment at work made by outsiders cannot lead to success unless internal staff are involved. Assessment experts primarily act as consultants with regard to carrying out the assessment and possible options for its documentation. The following items may be helpful in properly judging offers from outsiders:
  • As a rule, the version “price per workstation” does not lead to the desired results.
  • Time and again, material is sold which could be obtained for free from AUVA (documentation, contents of www.eval.at, checklists, etc.).
  • As no technical training is required for risk assessment at work, anyone can present him- or herself as an “assessment expert” – so references should be demanded! See also: Prevention Experts and Risk Assessment at Work.