Hazard Analysis

Hazard analysis is defined in the Labour Protection Act (ArbeitnehmerInnenschutzgesetz, AschG) as a specific obligation to assess risks at work, which has to be met in accordance with the Regulation relating to Work Equipment (Arbeitsmittel-verordnung, AM-VO) and the Regulation relating to Explosive Atmospheres (Verordnung explosionsfähige Atmosphären, VEXAT) for work equipment and pursuant to VEXAT also for personal protective equipment and work clothing if a change has occurred in their use or if the conditions under which such equipment is used have become different from those stipulated in the manufacturer’s instructions. With the aid of the hazard analysis it can be determined and evaluated whether safe use is possible or not. The hazard analysis is based on the same concept as the risk assessment of machines (i.e. in accordance) with EN ISO 14121-1).