Machinery Safety Regulation

The Machinery Safety Regulation (Maschinen-Sicherheits-verordnung, MSV ) of 2010 is a regulation under industrial law. The most important elements of its content are:
  • Sections 1 to 22: Provisions governing the scope, definition of terms, placing on the market, conformity assessment procedures, affixing CE marking
  • Annex One: Essential Safety Requirements
  • Annex Two: Explanations for Machines and not fully Completed Machines
  • Annex Three: CE-Marking
  • Annex Four: Machines requiring a Special Conformity Assessment Procedure
  • Annex Five: List of Safety Components
  • Annex Six: Instructions for Assembling an not Fully Completed Machine
  • Annex Seven: Technical Documentation
  • Annexes Eight to Ten: Conformity Assessment Procedures
  • Annex Fourteen: List of Harmonized European Standards
  • Annex: List of Authorized Institutions for Testing Machines

See also: Compliance with the Machinery Safety Regulation of 2010