Machinery Safety Regulation (Interface with the Work Equipment Regulation)

For the operator of a CE marked machine which does not have any obvious defects, the so-called principle of trust is relevant in accordance with Section One, para.2 of the Work Equipment Regulation (Arbeitsmittelverordnung, AM-VO) , which states, in particular, that Part Four of the Work Equipment Regulation governing the requirements with regard to the condition of the machine does not apply. It is, nevertheless, advisable in any case (before paying the full purchase price of a machine) to ascertain its compliance with the Machinery Safety Regulation of 2010.
In the below-described cases the user of a machine is, at the same time, the “distributor” within the meaning of the Machinery Regulation:
  • If a machine is produced for (commercial) internal use
  • If a machine is imported from a country not belonging to the European Economic Area (i.e. Switzerland)
  • If a significant modification is made to the machine
  • If major interlinking of machines is carried out.