Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) means all systems, devices or items which are worn, held or used by a person in order to be protected against safety risks or hazards to his/her health. PPE may be subdivided into the following categories: Safety devices against falls, respiratory protective equipment, head protection, eye protection, foot protection, hearing protection, face protection, hand protection, and body protection.
With regard to PPE, the questions listed below should be answered:
  • Are no further technological and organizational measures feasible, so that it is necessary to use PPE?
  • Is the PPE suitable for its intended use? (Keyword: protective effect),
  • Does the PPE fit and is it convenient? (Keyword: wearing comfort),
  • Is the PPE in good condition and functional? (See also Checking PPE),
  • Is the PPE handled with care and stored safely and correctly? (i.e. is it stored next to the workstation where it is needed, but protected from dust and other substances),
  • Do workers wear their PPE consistently and correctly?,
  • Does newly acquired PPE bear the CE marking and has user information been provided?