Most labour safety specialists are required by law to furnish proof of their qualifications. The mandatory qualifications of safety professionals are set forth in the Regulation relating to the Technical Training of Safety Representatives (Verordnung über die Fachausbildung der Sicherheitsfachkräfte, SFK VO), those for occupational medicine specialists in the Regulation relating to the Training of Physicians as Occupational Medicine Specialists (Verordnung über arbeitsmedizinische Ausbildung von Ärzten) and those for occupational psychologists in the Act Governing Psychologists (Psychologengesetz). The training of safety representatives is laid down in the Regulation relating to Safety Representatives (Verordnung über die Sicherheits-vertrauenspersonen, SVP-VO), the training of fire-fighting officers is defined in Section 43, para. 2 of the Workplace Regulation (Arbeitsstättenverordnung, ASt-VO), that of first aiders in Section 40, para.2 of the same regulation. For carrying out risk assessments at work, no specific training is required. See also Technical Knowledge.