Regulation relating to VDU Work

The Regulation relating to VDU Work (Bildschirmarbeitsverordnung, BS-VO) governs the design of VDU workstations and related activities. It deals with the following areas:
  • The scope and definition of the term VDU work involving a “not insignificant part” of working hours (in accordance with Section 68, para. 3 of the Labour Protection Act – ArbeitnehmerInnenschutzgesetz, ASchG);
  • Requirements concerning screens, keyboards, desks, working surfaces, chairs, natural light and artificial lighting as well as radiation;
  • Evaluation of VDU work, work breaks, change of activity. Voluntary examinations and eyewear for VDU work;
  • Duties of employers with regard to the provision of instructions and Information to employees, consultation and participation