Regulation relating to Work Equipment

The Regulation relating to Working Equipment (Arbeitsmittel-verordnung, AM-VO) concerns the third part of the Labour Protection Act and contains provisions governing the use and properties of work equipment. It is subdivided into 4 subject-based parts.

  • Part One: General Provisions (inspection and maintenance of work equipment, its use, testing, etc.);
  • Part Two: Use of Certain Types of Work Equipment (i.e. cranes, working cages, oxyacetylene welding, etc.);
  • Part Three: Specifications for Ladders ;
  • Part Four: Specifications for General and Specific Properties;

Part Four of the Regulation need not be applied if work equipment bearing CE marking shows no obvious weaknesses; in this event, the principle of trust applies pursuant to Section 33, para. 4 of the Labour Protection Act.