Technical Know-how (specific, in accordance with the Labour Protection Act)

Pursuant to the Labour Protection Act (ArbeitnehmerInnenschutzgesetz, ASchG) and subsequently to the Regulation relating to the Proof of Technical Know-how (Fachkenntnisnachweis-Verordnung, FK-VO), work involving special hazards may be performed only by workers who can prove that they have the required technical skills and qualifications. Apart from this rule, the Labour Protection Act (and also, of course, other legislation) stipulates that workers need to have undergone specific training and have to have special expert knowledge for carrying out a number of activities. This rule applies (pursuant to the Labour Protection Act) to the following categories of workers: fire protection officers and fire protection assistants, blasting specialists and their assistants, safety representatives, first aiders, safety technicians, occupational medicine specialists, occupational psychologists; see also Qualifications.