Vehicle Traffic (at Workplaces)

see also Traffic Routes; If vehicles are used at work places (i.e. forklift trucks), certain principles have to be observed:
  • The minimum width of exits has to be adjusted to vehicle width and or width of the load, and must exceed the vehicle width or the width of the load by one metre.
  • If an exit is mainly used by vehicles, a separate exit has to be provided for pedestrians, or the exit must be clearly separated (i.e. by means of a railing) into a vehicle and a pedestrian lane. If traffic routes used by vehicles pass doors or gates, barriers, light signals or warning signs must be provided.
  • If vehicle traffic presents special hazards traffic routes must be marked as such.
  • For areas covering a surface of more than 1,000 square metres such marking is mandatory in any case. The routing must be as clear cut as possible, and the mode of driving is to be adjusted to the existing conditions.